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  • BONUS: You'll receive an Energetic Awakening of Being meditation audio designed to activate orgasmic energies in your body and your life! (Valued at $150)

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You’ll also receive an Energetic Awakening of Being Activation

(Valued at $150)

The truth is, you’re not going to be able to access orgasmic living from the same frequency that you’re on right now. This EAB Activation is my special magic where I tap into the energy of what needs to be cleared and shifted. I do the energy work, run the clearings so that you sit back, relax, and experience the truth of who you really are - beyond the limitations.

It’s designed to invite you to more of you. It will contribute to opening the lines of communication between your body and what he/she would like to contribute to your life and living! A special invitation for you to embody orgasmic energy beyond the bedroom.

Holy Moly!!!  This Energetic Awakening of Being blew me away!!!  I listen to it daily!! Patty’s hypnotic voice playfully draws me into effortless expansion and I am awash in the energies of my desires. As the thrum of the energies builds, with each clearing, I find myself engulfed in the totality of it all and lost in the wonderment of this pure magic!! So much gratitude for these truly amazing contributions to my life!! How did I get so lucky to find these?  So truly grateful for you Patty... thank you!!

JS, Canada

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What will you discover on The Orgasmic Living Show?

Join Patty Alfonso, The Orgasmic Body Whisperer, internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and facilitator on Orgasmic Living!

Sharing tools and techniques that will empower you to live orgasmically and include your body’s genius in the creation of your life. Imagine a life free of self-judgment, free of self-doubt, and free of shame. A life where you create everything you desire and nothing can stop you.

Are you ready to choose more in the areas of sex, relationships, your body, and money? 

Patty will invite you to have more ease, joy, pleasure, and communion with everything you desire! Her kind and witty facilitation will inspire you to melt away your limitations and open the door to new possibilities.

What have you defined as an orgasm that is keeping you from living orgasmically?

What if you could find pleasure in everything?

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